Sunday, May 30, 2010

Making Feet Faster

In a previous blog entry I went over the process of making feet for the infantry man and one of the last steps is putting on the modeling material to give the feet mass. Currently I am making a batch of 20 infantry man and it was while putting on the modeling material that I struck upon a slightly easier method.

One of the items I noted was using a sculpting tool to shape the blob, but I also use an X-Acto hobby knife to remove excess material. I've since found that it is easier to shape the blob, but not cut off the excess right away. I let it harden a bit - say waiting at least an hour - and then come back with the knife and cut off the excess. This does two things:

  1. Makes more of a cut, rather than a tear, of the material.
  2. Less chance of the whole blob popping off of the wood as it has had some time to adhere to the surface.
A simple tip, I know, but it is actually a time-saver and less frustrating.

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