Monday, May 24, 2010

Finished a batch of French Legere

I want to get the tutorial up regarding the "little bits" of the figure - musket, sword, epaulettes, and plume - but I needed to push myself and finish a batch of French Legere for when Command & Colors: Napoleonics, by GMT Games, ships. So, here they are:

You can see I have been practicing doing different faces, so they have a bit of character. The officer in the center has a gorget around his neck. This was made just like the brim of the shako (see that tutorial).

Here you can see details like the pointed cuffs, the sword, chin straps, etc.

Here you get a better idea of the different hair colors I used. : ) Also, you can see the detail on the muskets.

I really love these little guys. They are fun to make and paint; I just need to stop obsessing over certain details. On the table they will look great, I think.

I'll try and post the mini-tutorial on the "little bits", then start on a painting tutorial as I do the next batch of figures. I really need to start grinding units if I want to make my deadline for the November 2010 ship date.

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