Sunday, May 27, 2018

Novice PCs!

I got all the new PC figures done for Thom's game at NTRPG Con in a couple of weeks.  I am please with how most of them turned out.  Here is what he needed and here are the figures I did for his needs. They are all humans, and I did a male and female version of each so that the players would have options gender wise.

First up, he needed four men-at-arm types (prototypical Fighters in other words).  I did something new with them, I used a split bead to make shoulder plates for their plate mail armor and I really love how it turned out.  I've done heavily armored characters in the past, but they always looked a little too much like Iron Man in the beginning of the first Iron Man movie ... too big and clunky.  These guys I think turned out great.

Next up, he needed two Acolytes (Clerics in other words).  The only thing I did differently on these was to cut the shoulders at an angle (actually, I did that on the Fighters above as well) and instead of putting in the split bead as a shoulder protector, I used a tile spacer and gave them leather shoulder pads.  They look better on the female figure than the male, but I doubt I will do the shoulder pieces like this again in the future.  I may taper the shoulders, but only if I'm going to use the split beads for shoulder protection.  If I use tile spacers, I probably won't taper the shoulders.  Anyway, here they are, I'm particularly fond of the female figure.  Also, I made them both have shaved heads ... they are priests after all, shows their devotion.

I did a different paper piece for their neck covering as well, what I was hoping to accomplish was to have a high collar that essentially covered their mouths.  It worked out better on the female figure than the male one, but I'm happy with each.  His holy symbol (in his left hand) turned out pretty good too, but his pose is a bit static and boring.  I really like the female figure, she turned out great.  I won't show the back picture because all you can really see are their cloaks, which is really boring.

Next figures are two apprentice wizards (Magic-users in the game).  I went a little crazy with the scrolls on these two, but I really like how they both turned out.  His pose is a bit more dynamic in terms of casting, but her reading the scroll I think looks really cool.

Thom also needed a couple of pickpockets (Thief characters in the game).  I love how both of these turned out.  I got a lot of movement with the female figure with her swirling cloak, but the male looks very cool too.  I did something with his face that you can't see in the picture which was, because it is so far back inside his hood, to paint the entire face black and then just have the lower part of his mouth and jaw painted with the flesh tone.  His eyes remain in the blackness of the shadows of the inside of the hood but I painted the whites of his eyes.  It looks really cool and eerie.  Other than that, nothing new really construction wise except to go with exaggerated and large hoods for their cloaks because ... well ... they are supposed to be pickpockets and men and women of the dangerous city streets.

Finally, he wanted two "jack of all trades" who could stand in for a Fighter, Thief, or other more "generic" character type.  I decided to do two lightly armored archers as this would also allow people who wanted to play a less heavily armored and melee-focused Fighter if they wanted to.  Nothing really new here, I stuck with the archer poses that I think work the best.  Kept both of these figures very simple, although I did want them to look quite different from one another so I made their armor different.  Also, I got a tube of plain, unpainted wooden beads of three sizes, small (the size of her face), medium (the size of her helmet), and large (the size of the female Fighter's helmets).  Anyway, having this medium size bead really worked well in terms of giving her a smaller, and lighter armor-wise looking helmet, which is what I was going for.

All that's left, if I get around to it, is to do the alter mimic.  If that doesn't happen, it's not the end of the world.  I got everything else done, and I'm pleased with the result.  Here's hoping they get a warm reception at the Con!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Antagonists!

I got all the "villains" done for the game at NTRPG Con that Thom over at Throwigames is going to be running.  I believe the game is on Saturday.  Anyway, what he needed for the game was a collection of about a dozen gray goblins, sort of like goblin versions of the drow, half a dozen undead gray goblins, a corrupted gray goblin priest, a corrupted gray goblin ogre-like creature, three corrupted gray goblin winged demon-like creatures, and one tentacle horror out of a Lovecraft story.  Here they are fully arrayed.

I haven't been putting as much time into the monsters as the PCs in terms of hair and such, but given that this is a convention game, I wanted to give Thom my best effort on all the figures, even the monsters.  The dozen gray goblins on the left I'm pretty proud of, they turned out quite well I think.  The hair gives them an appearance similar to the Morlocks in the classic The Time Machine movie, made back I believe in the 60's.  The six undead goblins in the center also turned out pretty well although in hindsight I wish I would have done them all in the lightest gray color.  I gave them pink instead of red eyes, patchwork hair patterns, and most have some bones showing through to give them a zombie-like appearance.  My favorites are probably the winged demon-like corrupted goblins on the front right of the picture.  The wings are just paper, but once you get some paint on them you can reposition them as you like.  They are stiff enough with the paint in them, but not too stiff and not at all brittle.  They turned out far better than I thought they would.  I also like the goblin ogre-like creature (the tall chap in the upper right).  My least favorite is probably the goblin priest.  If I have enough time at the end of my deadline, I might do another figure for him.  I don't like the pose, I don't like the paint scheme I chose, I really don't like much and he is a major player so his figure needs to be better looking.  Finally, the Lovecraftian tentacle horror in the back turned out pretty well too I think.  I used my tentacle technique from the LotR game and just made the tentacles by gluing together beads.  The bottom of the body is a large oval bead, the middle is the barrel bead (same thing that I use for the horses bodies for the Norman cavalry figures I've been doing), and the head is two split wren's eggs glued so that they create an open maw.  The eyes are a medium size round bead that I split in half and used a half on each side of the head to make the two eyes.  Then I just hot glued the entire thing to make in particular the tentacles stronger.  Oh, and there are some tile spacer feet as well.

Here are some closer up pictures of all the miniature groupings:

The gray goblins!
Undead gray goblins.

Corrupted goblin priest.

Corrupted winged gray goblin demon-like creatures.

Lovecraftian tentacled horror.

The array from the rear.

Thom also wants an "alter that is a mimic" which is extremely cool.  I will try and do the alter as an actual mimic instead of the alter.  I thought about doing an alter version and a mimic alter version, but given that he doesn't plan on using any scenery for the game (will just draw it on the map instead) having an alter appear by itself to me will be a dead give away, so I will instead just do the monster version so that when the players trigger it he can plop it down on the table as a monster.

Now onto the PC figures.  I've got enough probably to handle Thom's needs, but I would like to make some special for this game.  He needs six different types, and I want to do a male and female version of each to give the players a choice of gender.  I've already got 4 finished, and I've still got a couple of weeks so I think I'll make it.  I'll post pictures of them when I'm finished with them.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Another Unit of Fyrd

It's been a while since I posted, but I have been busy doing some projects, I just need to take some pictures.  Here is the newest unit of Fyrd I did, no different than the first unit.  Here they are by themselves.

And here they are side by side with the other unit.  Once again, these figures look the most impressive when in massed numbers I think.

For wargaming units, the next on my painting table is to finish the unit of Norman cavalry.  I did the test base a while ago, I just need to finish up three other bases and then present them as a whole unit.  That might not be for a little while, though.  I've been working on some figures for Thom over at Throwigames to use in his B/X game at North Texas RPG Con coming up early next month.  I've almost got all the monsters done (next post, probably this weekend).  Then I need to get 12 player character figures finished.  I've got six of them built, they just need paint, then I need to do six more.  It's going to be tight, I might not finish them, but honestly I have enough player character figures already done that I could make do with what I had.  I just wanted to do some special for this game given his needs.  So the monsters should be posted pretty soon, within a few days I would guess.  I've only got one more of them to paint.



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