Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Very Sad News

I'm very sorry to be making this post but I've just learned that Dale past away from a heart attack on November 5th.

Most of my relationship with Dale was online, but we did get to meet in person at one of the Cold Wars conventions several years ago.  We shared a love of wargaming and more importantly a love for home made figures.  Dale always said that he got excited about doing his figures after seeing photos of my figures on the old Yahoo group "Wargaming on a Budget".  But the truth is that Dale had been making his own figures since he was a kid, and seeing my figures just reignited his passion.  Even though we both post to this blog, he created it, he was a far stronger and more influential proponent of making your own figures than I ever was, and he was the loudest advocate on the forums for approaching wargaming in this way.  His care for me and my work made me want to be as creative as I could be.  My most recent Conan games are by far the best things I have ever done in gaming, and while they were made in my basement, they would not have existed if it was not for Dale's support and encouragement.

So, I am sad to be sharing this news on this blog, but I needed to let you all know.  I miss you brother, and thank you.  Rest in peace.


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