Friday, May 7, 2010

Information on Command & Colors Napoleonics

I am making Napoleonic wooden warriors for a number of different rules, but the primary one is for the upcoming Command & Colors: Napoleonics (CCN) by Richard Borg, published by GMT Games. We play a lot of Richard Borg games at my club, including Memoir '44, Command & Colors: Ancients, and Battlelore, along with an occasional game of Battle Cry. Yes, I am a Richard Borg fan.

We have played Memoir '44 using Flames of War based figures on a 5" hex grid game mat and have talked about doing the same with others. (I played Clash for a Continent, now Hold the Line, using my 15mm AWI miniatures on a hex map and it was quite enjoyable.)

So, the first use for the miniatures were to use them for CCN on a hex mat. As I will be basing each figure singly, I can also use the miniatures for skirmish games like Song of Drum and Shako, which is a nice simple game even if it does have a strange name. Once I've gotten about 12 figures for each unit I'll be able to use a movement base and try out Neil Thomas' Napoleonic Wargaming. Once I get enough figures for that, I may work my way up to building units for Column, Line, and Square or some other big battalion rules.

But, what I started to write before I got side-tracked, is that I got some good intel on the CCN project. Over on the CCN forum at ConsimWorld I got the following information:

Most infantry and cavalry units have 4 blocks but unit strength is asymmetrical in Napoleonics. Some elite/guard units have 5 blocks while weaker units only have 3 blocks.

The first boxed game includes French, English and Portuguese, with the Portuguese doing double duty as the Dutch at Waterloo. Future expansions were reported as one to two armies per box, but as to order of appearance, nothing was revealed.

Different nationalities/different troop types with a nationality might have different numbers of blocks. French are the base 4 blocks for infantry and cavalry and 3 blocks for artillery. Checking an old sheet which had all the nationalities, the ranges are infantry 3-5, cavalry 2-6, artillery 2-4.

So, that helps me prepare a little. I'll post more as I know more. But, that tells me that doing the Russians first is a waste of time. As much as I hate to do it, I need to do the British as the first. (It seems like I am always doing the British...)

Now, should I do Peninsular British or Waterloo British. It seems like Peninsular would give you more mileage, but you don't get some of the fancy British units.

Let me know what you think.

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