Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Quick Update

I have been painting up a storm, trying to build a 24-man unit of French ligne (picture of original here), so I have not been gaming or blogging much. I have painted the basic uniform - coat, lapels, trousers, cuffs and such - and only have the faces, shakos, bearskins, and muskets to paint. Everything else is done.

I'll try to post a progress picture soon. I have been taking pictures all of the while in order to come up with a painting tutorial. I started from the point where the figures are built and glued, so it should be rather comprehensive. With the building and painting tutorials out of the way, the next would simply be showing progress on the different types of figures that I build and maybe some techniques when I build something different (like hussar pelisse's, Polish hussar wings, etc.).

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