Sunday, February 19, 2017

More Goblins and More Fellowship Members!

Six more goblins, archers this time, and two new Fellowship members, Sam and Legolas.
Nothing new, just a bit more of a crisp paint job (practice improves performance!) and a bit more dynamic poses for the shooters.  I'm trying to embrace my inner Marvel comics way of doing things, the more over the top the body position the more powerful and striking it looks.  Also used the new lighter skin tones, just so that there will be balance between the different goblin types (shield users, archers, and spear men).

Now, onto the Fellowship members ...
Samwise and Legolas.  Yes, of course I had to put the frying pan in Sam's hand given that the main game I am making these guys for is a Balin's Tomb scenario.  "I think I'm gettin' the hang of this!" 
As you can see I continue to improve on my cape construction. 
Leggy's quiver is just a tile spacer I cut to the right shape.  Sam's frying pan is a small round bead cut in half, then a toothpick was glued into the slot in the middle left over from the hole in the bead.  I had to trim down the toothpick a bit but the Craftee gods were on my side, I did it in one attempt which amazed me.  I thought for sure I would go through a dozen toothpicks before being able to cut a small sliver off one that would make it the right depth give the slot in the split bead.
I went a bit crazy with cutting the tile spacer for Legolas's right arm.  I really wanted to see if I could do an arm position with a hand that was a bit more realistic in terms of how a person really looks when they pull back a bow.  In the past, I've done more of an "Impressionistic" right arm position for bowmen, which is fine for these figures, especially the rank and file troops for a large historical minis game.  But for these slightly larger figures designed for Lord of the Rings skirmish games, I wanted to be a bit more detailed.  I'm pretty please with his arm.  His "skirt" is paper, the same as I did for Aragorn and Boromir.  However, his flares out a bit less, so it is closer to the width of the milk bottle at its widest point.

Pretty pleased with them!  Onto 6 more goblin spear men (which will mean I will have 36 total goblins at that point, 12 of each type!), and Frodo.  I'm going to do a regular Frodo and then a Frodo with the ring on.  I have an old Cave Troll that I'll just recycle for the game (I'll post pics of him later).  That will leave me just Gandalf and the Balrog to do.  These two figures, however, will be the most challenging ones I have to do, especially the Balrog.  We'll see how I do with them.  I might end up doing Gandalf first by himself as I think the Balrog construction is going to be something that takes me a while to do.  My ideas so far are a bit too involved, so I need to scale them back to something that I can actually do.


  1. The draw arm looks great. And I agree that it would be a lot of work for the rank and file. Better to limit it to personalities. I am a bit surprised that Legolas' ears are simply painted on though. Did you consider making them out of craft foam or some such to give the ears a more prominent relief? In a way, that it what is so striking about the goblins. (Of course, I would not make them as prominent as goblin ears, which stick out.) Still, it looks great.

    Posted to DM Scotty's.

  2. Yes, good question about the ears, I thought about making them out of tile spacers, as you said with much less relief than the goblin ears. I still have not ruled them out. I think what I will do is try them on the Wood Elf archers that I am eventually going to have to do. If I like them on those miniatures, I will go back and put them on Legolas. Not too hard to retrofit those onto him.

  3. Really effective work.Your creativity and inventiveness grows and grows.




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