Saturday, February 11, 2017

More Gobbos and Fellowship Members!

Got another 6 goblins finished and two more members of the Fellowship done as well.  Here are the goblins.
Nothing really new here construction wise other than a few different arm poses (like the angled shield guy in the middle).  But, painting wise I did use two new skin tone colors.  Can't decide if I like them or not, one is a light greenish gray color and the other is sort of a "sand" color.  In this next picture, on the far left and right are the two new skin shades, while in the middle is an old figure that has the skin tone that I've been using to date.
I like the variety, but I have to be honest, I think I like the middle one the best in terms of skin tone.  And now onto the two new Fellowship members ...
Pippin and Gimli!  Pippin is obviously a variation of the "hobbit construction" I used for Merry, I just changed the angle of his arms a bit and had him facing to his right instead of to his left.  Gimli is the same construction as the hobbits except that I used a tapered plug for his head/helmet.  I also had to give him the axe and the throwing axe both.  For one, I think it looks cool.  Second, he used both during the time the Fellowship were in the Mines of Moria which is the game that these figures will be used in, at least initially.  The first Gimli I made years ago I used a slightly larger spool to make him a little taller than the hobbits.  With the addition of his feet, it just seemed to make him too tall if I used the larger spool for this figure when I lined him up next to the humans.  So I went with the smaller spool.
As is often the case, the more you do something, the better at it you get.  Pippin's cloak turned out quite nice and better than Merry's.  I got a better angle on the hood, the transition between the spool and the hood is seemless (important because the top of the spool is a part of the cloak when it is painted!).  It is easy to get carried away with these hero figures and try to do too many details on them.  There are a ton of things I could have done with Gimli.  His armor and coat are very complicated (do a google image search on him and you'll see what I mean!).  But he is still very small, and keeping with the minimalist approach with these figures, I decided to pull in the one thing that made him unique in appearance from the other Fellowship members, and that is, beyond his helmet, his blue bed roll slung across his lower back.  It's just a tile spacer cut to fit, but the blue color and the lighter colored ropes not only are indicative of the real character, they break up the high amount of ruddy browns of various shades to give the figure a bit more visual interest.
Pretty happy with them.  Now onto 6 more goblins and two more members of the Fellowship.  Hmmm ... who should I do next ...?


  1. Looking good. Interesting that you tagged this as "minimalist".

    Posted to DM Scotty's Facebook page. It will be hard to beat Aragorn's numbers (64 likes and counting)!

  2. Thanks for posting them. Yeah, I meant to remove the minimalist tag, I forgot. Not really right for this blog.




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