Sunday, February 5, 2017

Goblin Spearmen!

I have decided to put on a Mines of Moria minis game scenario for the gaming club I participate in sometimes using the Games Workshop Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game rules and scenarios.  It's a really fun skirmish system (does sort of fall apart with larger armies, but for the adventures of the fellowship, or the party in the Hobbit, it's a really fine system.

In addition to the Fellowship heroes, the Mines of Moria scenario calls for 36 goblins, 12 with shields, 12 with bows, and 12 with spears, three goblin leaders, and 1 cave troll.  So far I've got 6 shield guys and 6 bow guys done.  Over the weekend I got 6 spear guys done as well, so that's about half of the goblins already finished.  Also, as a teaser, I'm starting to do the Fellowship as well and got Merry, Aragorn, and Boromir finished over the weekend too.  But I am going to save the Fellowship figures and post a picture of them all together when the entire party is finished.

Here are the goblin spearmen.
I am continuing to be happy with the goblins construction.  For the next group of 6 that I do (of each of the three types) I'm going to vary the skin tone a bit (some light green, some sort of a grayish sand color) just to give some variety.  I'm also going to try and stay as dynamic with the poses as I can varying as much as the limits of using spools and tile spacers will allow.  And as before, I can't stress enough, once you get the construction plan down for these wooden warriors, the construction and painting time is significantly less than for commercial figures.  I got 6 goblins, 1 hobbit, and two men finished in a weekend, with a total of no more than 4 or 5 hours total work involved.  Not to mention as Dale said in one of his posts, does anyone else have goblins like these?




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