Friday, February 3, 2017

Goblin Archers!

Just finished up some Goblin Archers today, thought I would post pictures of them.
Very similar to the other fellows I just finished, except obviously these guys are archers.  With the bow arm, I went with a single tile spacer construction.  Much sturdier and you only have one glue point, where the arm meets the body, so that's better too.  Not the best looking "bow" in the world, but hey, they're goblins after all!  Paint wise, I decided to give these guys more "hide" looking armor, so I just painted different sized circles and semi-circles to create the hide effect.  I also did not paint the bases beyond a dark gray color (in other words not floor tiles painted on these).  I'll see if I like them in the long run.

These guys highlight one of the more desirable things about wooden warriors.  In a little over a week, I put together and painted 12 miniatures to a standard I would be more than happy with putting on a gaming table.  And I really did not work on the archers much this week, maybe a total of 4 hours to produce 6 figures across 4 days (I started them on Monday night).  And a lot of that time is drying time, so I could have been working on other figures at the same time.  I can be pretty fast with my metal and plastic commercial figures, but not that fast! 

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