Friday, January 13, 2017

Wyloch's Armory

Disclaimer: all pictures in this post are not done by, or of work by Matt or I. I am showcasing the work of Wyloch's Armory. I am using their pictures with the permission from them.
One of the reasons why I have never delved too heavily into the modern subjects has simply been vehicles. Sooner or later, no matter how much you tell yourself that you will only limit yourself to infantry for skirmishes, you inevitably, eventually, want to include vehicles (along with cavalry, artillery, plus machine guns and other modern weapons of war). Vehicles are hard. They are complex shapes, many of which are curves. Although people scratchbuild them, they are typically made out of paper or wood, but they wood ones are very intricate. Much more than I want to do. I am not a model maker, after all, but a miniature builder.

Well, then I saw the Wyloch's Armory build of a not-Eldar Falcon on Facebook. Now that is a lot of curves! And because I saw it before it was painted, I could see the parts used to make it. Many of them are parts that I already use in my miniatures making.

Let's start with a picture of a game, not-Eldars versus not-Tyranids.

You have to look closely, but those miniatures are all paper flats. And that Falcon is scratchbuilt. I will let the build pictures do the talking.





As best as I can tell, he took corrugated cardboard to make the basic 'winged' shape of Falcon, then took two blocks of balsa wood to make the shape of the hull. Spools define the engines, and bits of shaped wood define the 'flair'. The curved, upside-down 'U' that attaches the 'wings' to the hull is chipboard (cardboard like you find at the back of a notepad). Some of the other shapes are also chipboard. The weaponry consists largely of either wooden dowels or plastic soda straws filled with hot glue. Beads make up the various 'electronic components' for the weaponry.





Wyloch's Armoury also has a Youtube channel which has more not-Games Workshop 40,000 items (like a not-Rhino), but crafting for RPGs, along the lines of DM Scotty and DMGinfo.

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing their work. I know it has inspired me to take up more modern periods. (Although, not yet. I still have too many other projects still on the table.)


  1. Wow, that's very impressive! I am impressed with the detail work with the cardboard, especially the wings.

  2. Rockin! Glad you dig it. Incidentally, my next episode in a week or so will be the tutorial for the Falcon. You guessed most of the materials bang-on. Except the main body - that's one inch foam board, not balsa.


    1. For people concerned about clicking on links I have verified that this leads to the build video to this model. It is a Wyloch's Armory video.

      Thanks Bill.




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