Sunday, January 1, 2017

Final Holiday Work - Fire Elemental & Pig Faced Orcs!

Had this Fire Elemental sitting on my painting table for about a month now, so I thought I should finish him.  Also, I've been painting a lot of  "fire" lately, so I just finished him off.  Nothing too exciting here, nothing at all new.  Larger egg for the body, small split egg for the head, tile spacer ears and arms, hot glue gun flame at the bottom of the figure.
The only thing that's a little different is in the painting I emphasized the yellow instead of the red like I had done with the more red-looking Salamander figure.  The reason is that I knew I was going to do the Fire Elemental's "eyes" and "teeth" with just red, so I wanted them to stand out more.  Now I've got fire and air done in terms of elementals.  Just water and earth to go!

And now, the pig faced orcs, or "porcs" as some people call them ... I really hate puns.  After receiving the tapered tube beads for my 10mm project and finding them too big for horse bodies at that scale, I was afraid that I had purchased 100 of them for nothing.  However, after doing the Erol Otus wizard tribute figure, which used the tapered bead for a head, and now these pig faced orcs, which also use the tapered bead for a head I just turned it side ways for the orcs, I'm sure I'll find plenty of uses for these beads.
Construction is much easier than it looks, honestly.  Upside down milk bottle body, tile spacer arms.  The tricky part was the helmet which is just a split smaller bead (1/2" I think).  The beauty of this is that there will be a half hole that is normally something you want to cover up.  But in this case, the half holes on each side are perfect mounting locations for the tile spacer ears.  I just cut the ears from tile spacers making sure they had a little "nub" sticking out the side that would be attached to the head and they just fit right into those half holes perfectly.  That is also tile spacer trimmed to the proper shape making up the nose and also the back of the head, which you can see in the pictures below.
Painting was fairly straightforward, I just wanted to make sure the nose was pinker (rather than being green) and the skin on these guys green.  I'll do some that are pink all over eventually, I just wanted to see if I liked the green with the pink nose, and I do.  I also wanted to make sure on the snouts that I left some of the dark green showing through to create the look of the rolls of skin on the snout that is so important for pig faced orcs.  These are great for classic D&D.  I remember the old Minifigs pig faced orc figures, and I know Foundry does some as well, and of course there are the wonderfully detailed, if not quite large, pig faced orcs from Otherworld miniatures.  Although definitely not as detailed, it is interesting to know you can make them as Craftees too!


  1. I really love the Porcs! Great use of the tapered bead. I have posted them to Facebook, but not the Fire Elemental (yet). Need to give them some breathing room. :D I can barely keep up with the traffic on the D&D vignette. It hit 100 likes in 2 hours.

  2. I love these orcs! Those Minifigs were the first minis I ever painted, ordered via S&T Magazine Back in the Day. I don't really craft, but if you sold an "Adventuring Party" assortment, piggie orcs and other old-school gaming must-haves, I would consider a move to your style of figure at my table. Anyway, great work, and my first smile of the year!

  3. Thanks everyone! Hmmm, I would certainly consider putting together some groupings of figures in the old school spirit, say an adventuring party and some classic monsters. Nice thing is, they could be made to order, in other words the buyer could say I want X number of fighters, in such-and-such armor, X number of magic users, etc., so it could totally be a custom way of doing it. Could even allow the buyer to request them assembled, or assembled and painted.

  4. how much would you charge for a D&D idol , painted , minus the 2 thieves ?

  5. Shoot me an email at and let's chat about it.




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