Sunday, January 8, 2017

Cold Weather = More Painting!

It continues to be brutally cold outside (at least for here) so I'm staying in today.  Might as well get some painting done.

I'm on a roll with doing these fighter type figures.  Painting the armor I have to admit is a lot of fun, in addition to the challenge of trying to make the figures look different from one another.  Here are two more:  a traditional dungeoneer fighter type, and the second is my take on a citadel guard from Lord of the Rings.
The fighter type is a standard mile bottle construction with a flat cap head and a split bead glued on top for his helmet.  He's actually no different construction wise from the other fighter type I did at the same time I posted about the demon statue with thieves tribute piece.  He has a toothpick spear, tile spacer arms, and tile spacer shoulder pads.  I wanted to give him padded armor on top of his suit of chainmail, just because I think it looks cool.
In this next picture you can see that he has a shield slung on his back.  It is a very simple thing to add to him to make him look different than the other figures that have essentially the same construction.
Next is the citadel guard.
He is also an upside down milk bottle for a body, teardrop precut thin wooden piece from a craft store for his shield, tile spacer shoulder armor and tile spacer arms, and a toothpick spear.  His head is an oval bead that I glued vertically just like I did for the E. O. tribute wizard figure.  On top I glued a tile spacer end to give the top of the helmet some visual interest.
I wanted the shield to have a bit more realistic position, pitched forward a bit, so that meant that I had to taper the left arm tile spacer (more or less at a 45 degree angle), and also I did not put the second tile spacer shoulder armor piece (the rectangular one that is on his right arm) to allow the shield to be closer to the body.  Worked out pretty well I think.  I was confident that with painting I could turn the oval bead into both his face/head and his helmet, and I think it turned out pretty good.  I wanted to keep the back simpler in terms of painting, and I also wanted to have his black coat to cover more of his armor that is shown in, for example, the GW sculpts of this same guy.  I never liked the nearly full plate armor for all those citadel guards.  Chainmail with some shoulder plates seems much more likely and affordable both in time and money for the kingdom.

These guys were a lot of fun to paint, I hope you enjoyed seeing them!


  1. I like both figures very much. I had not thought of splitting beads (or spools) myself, so I need to start looking at doing that for some of my Huns.

  2. A while ago I did a Mongol horseman that I just didn't like the head of. It was too tall. I used a flat head plug, smaller end on top, with an axle cap for the helmet. Too tall and too big. The split bead, though, on top of the flat head plug would make a great Mongol figure head, and I'm thinking you are right, it would work for the Huns as well.




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