Saturday, January 7, 2017

Traditional Gaming Tile and Torch

Dale asked for a wall piece with a torch.  I actually have some of those I made out of thick foam for the traditional dungeon floor tiles, and when I was looking for the wall piece with the torch, I found a floor tile too!  So here is the "traditional" floor tile that I use with my metal or plastic commercial miniatures.
It's just thick black craft foam that I use a stipple brush on going from darker shades on the outside to lighter shades in the middle.  Then I paint black lines to make 1 inch squares.  Piece of cake!

I think, though, that this technique looks better with traditional figures, not the wooden guys I do.  Here is a picture with a Mage Knight repainted figure that I use for a goblin along with my recent thief figure.  I like the traditional foam tile, don't get me wrong, I use them every week in my D&D game.  I just don't like how they look with the more flat colors and blocky painting of the wooden guys.  But you be the judge.
I should do a wall piece with a torch in my wooden figure style, but anyway, Dale asked to see a wall piece with a torch on it with the new tile, so here it is.


  1. Wow. That 'new' tile looks realistic. You are right in that it matches the repaint better because your painting style on that is to shade and highlight, so the realistic light makes it appear that it is what is causing the highlights and shadows on the figure. Whereas your style on the wooden figures is 'flat' the light also needs to be flat.

    I sent an email about what I meant regarding the torch on the wall and the pattern on the floor.

    So, why did you choose grayscale for the lighting on the floor and not something like the color scheme you used for the torch on the wall?

    All this stuff looks great. Thanks!

  2. Thanks!

    On the realistic tiles, I had success with gray and also I tend to do hallways in gray and rooms in color so at a glance it is easy to look at the table and know what is a room and what is some sort of hallway. The browns do look good as room colors though I agree.




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