Thursday, December 15, 2016

Forgot to Include the Monster in the Post below!

Oops!  Gave you the dungeon furniture, and the walls, but not the monster!  Here he is, the dreaded, but incredibly cute, Rust Monster!
What I heard is that Gary Gygax based the appearance of this monster off a Japanese toy.  I can sort of see that!  He is a small lady bug shape (same one I used to make the Giant Beetles a while back).  The tail are small wooden circles glued together with a thin wooden piece cut to the shape of the iconic "propeller" shape at the top.  The front legs, rear legs, and antenna are all tile spacers cut to their respective shapes and glued to the wooden body.  His rear legs did not turn out as I had hoped, I never could really get the shape that I wanted, but it's close enough.


  1. Wow, that IS cool. I reposted it on DM Scotty's Facebook page.




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