Saturday, December 10, 2016

Dungeon Terrain & a Troll!

Looks like both Dale and I were busy this weekend.  I'm posting too.

First I wanted to show a hallway tile for a cavern instead of a dungeon.  I wanted the "spaces" to be somewhat irregular, but still be "fair" in terms of it being easy to see what spaces are diagonal to and lateral to another space (this is important in some games).  Also I wanted to use a color other than gray so I went with brown.  Nothing earth shattering here, I just wanted to show you all the tile.  I did paint a rat's skull on this one to though.
I am always looking to make more dungeon terrain pieces in terms of things you would find in a room or passageway.  I finished two dungeon braziers this morning and am posting pictures of them.  I wasn't sure how they would turn out, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.
The bottom piece is a wooden shape that I think goes over a larger dowel.  As you can see, it tapers from the bottom to the top.  On top of this piece I glued a wooden shape I got from an online wooden craft parts store.  It is flat on one side and slightly curved on the other, almost like it's a shallow bowl.  Once that glue dried I took a hot glue gun and made the fire, then painted it up.  Here it is with one of the Drow in a dungeon room for scale.
And now ... a TROLL!

And I don't mean just any Troll, I mean a classic, 1st Edition AD&D Monster Manual Troll.

I have always been a sucker for these rubbery, bug-eyed, no pupil eyes, regenerating terrors with the "blown back" look hair.  The more I look at this guy, the more I find him oddly terrifying ...

Construction is a tall shaker peg (I can't remember how long, I think something like 1 and 1/4" long maybe?) with a split egg for a head, a tapered rounded plug for hair, and two disk-like beads for his bulging eyes.  The arms are actually large tile spacers that I cut to shape.  The nose, too, is an "arm" of a tile spacer glued to the split egg.

And now, for you old timers, a scene out of D1 or D2, or maybe even certain parts of Q1.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, that's okay, just enjoy the picture.


  1. Knowing that you are not an adherent of the Cult of the Hot Glue I was wondering how you got the flame effects. Welcome to the Dark Side!

    That troll is outrageous. I think the guys on DM Scotty's page are going to love it. (I reposted this there.)

  2. Thanks for reposting it Dale. I use the hot glue gun only rarely, you are correct. I am going to take a tip from DMG and the way you use it on your beads, using the hot glue as a "filler" and then paint over it or put something else over it. I'm making a treasure pile right now sort of how DMG made his on his Youtube channel, and he uses it to create the volume of a "pile" and then just puts his representations of coins on top of the hot glue pile, instead of having this big glob of "coins" 1/8" thick everywhere.

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