Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sci-Fi Craftee Teaser

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to post a quick pic of some of the sci-fi guys I've been working on.  These are going to be the human guys in powered armor.  I have some alien prototypes done, but not happy yet, and I have yet to tackle vehicles, but I hope to.  My original plan does not require vehicles, I was wanting to put on a game using the old Ral Partha Final Frontier rules.  But, this project is in the early stages and I'm sure things will change and I'll just have to do some vehicles.

Here they are ...

Leader in the front, private on the right side of the image in blue, heavy laser fellow in the rear, and a missile launcher guy in red on the left.  It's all wooden craft pieces for the bodies and the end of the missile launcher.  The guns are carefully cut tile spacers.  Then it's just paint and enjoy!



  1. Wow, I love those Matt. W40K has a spot in my heart so any and all space fantasy troops always interest me. I'll have to make some of those.

  2. Thanks Dale, and thanks for posting to TMP about them. Honestly, they are not that tough to make except for the guns. I will try and put together a tutorial for these and the fantasy figures soon (I hope!).

  3. Do you think that the Umber Hulk would be a good start for a dreadnought?

    1. Yeah. Basically you need to think about the general shape you are going for. Modern Space Marine-style dreadnoughts are a bit boxy, so taking a rectangle of balsa as the body core would be fine. If they are more curvy then barrel beads, split eggs, eggs, split spools, and spools are the things to look at.

    2. I agree with Dale. I did not setting out to make space marines, I just wanted a generic sci-fi figure that could serve for any human in a suit of powered armor. I am not a 40K expert by any stretch, but the eggs, in the case of the umber hulk a really big one, is a good starting point for most figures like this. Even if the helmet part is more boxy or square, the rounded egg shape for the body works for pretty much anything. You can then add square and rectangle shapes to it if the look you are going for is more boxy.




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