Friday, September 30, 2016

Lair of the Lich!

In preparation for the game at Barrage I am running tomorrow afternoon, I was going through all the different miniatures I have made for this fantasy game, and realized that I had not posted pictures of a lot of them.  So I decided to set up a scene with one of my favorite old-school monsters, the lich.

Overview of the Lair of the Lich
This is everything in the scene, monsters, heroes, and stuff.  There are several monsters I haven't shown yet in this image, the two gnolls (hyena men) towards the camera, the two giant beetles in the foreground, the three bugbears, and the lich himself (just finished painting him last night).  Even some of the heroes are new, but I'll talk more about them later.  I have a bookcase, a wizard's table with spell book, a treasure chest, dias with a jar (containing the lich's life force?!), and an ominous closed skull double door.

The Baddies!

Closer up view of the gnoll archer, a couple of the bugbears, the lich, and the table and book case in the top photo.    Middle one gives you a better view of the lich.  Last one is a good shot of a couple of bugbears and a close up of a gnoll trooper and giant beetle.  All easier to make than would appear, especially the book case.  I painted everything on it, rather than make individual books.  I wanted a tall, gaunt figure with poor posture for the lich, and I wanted to try to make a wooden cowled hood.  I used a split egg to do it rather than make a cowl out of craft felt which I've done in the past, but it is really messy and "fiddly."  I'm happy with the result.  The treasure chest is super easy.  It's a 1/2" square cube with a split 1/2" spool on top for a lid.  I don't have any open chests, but I will do some in the future.  I do, however, have a mimic posing as a chest in mid-change that I will show in a later post, and his chest top/mouth is open.

The Heroes and Hirelings!
I tried to choose some heroes I haven't shown before, plus the elf (just because I like her!).  We have a large human soldier in the front with spear and round shield.  To his left is either an elven knight, or a female human knight (whichever you prefer, it is a multi-use miniature!), and to the human soldier's right is a dwarf (I tried my best to copy the dwarf figure from the classic Heroquest game for this one).  The elf ranger is in the far right of the photo, and in the far left is a female human wizard.  Those two fellows in the back are hirelings.  In my rules, players can acquire hirelings to accompany their heroes into the dungeon.  In this case we have a porter on the far left (carrying a big back pack full of gold and gems!), and on the right is the lowly, but important, torchbearer.

I will try and post some pictures of the game at Barrage on Sunday.


  1. These are awesome! I bet you could make a killing commissioning these or casting them.

  2. Thanks! They are all scratch built, and I am not sure how they could be cashed, but I am no engineer. Dale might better be able to answer that. I am open to commissioning them for others though.

  3. Sorry, meant to write not sure how they could be "cast" not "cashed."

  4. Fantastic presentation... I especially love the bugbears!

  5. Thanks! Took me a while to figure out how to do their ears. But the tile spacers are so easy to shape, I just used the points of the + shape of the spacer and tapered them to give the proper effect.




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