Thursday, September 22, 2016

Craftee Scale

Several folks have been asking questions about the scale of the Craftee Fantasy and Sci-Fi miniatures I make.  I decided that the best way to demonstrate scale is to put them in a picture with a standard 28mm fantasy miniature. 

From Left to Right:  Halfling Burglar, Human Wizard, Space Marine, 28mm Half-orc Fantasy miniature, Human Knight (notice the similarity in construction between the knight and the space marine), and Human Barbarian.

So, height wise, the Human Wizard figure is about 28mm.  The Space Marine and Human Knight are only slightly taller, with the Human Barbarian probably standing about 35mm tall.  Another thing that is easy to notice is that the Craftees are all far "bulkier" in appearance than the regular fantasy miniature.  I like that, but that's because I like the whole whimsical feel the figures have.

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