Monday, September 26, 2016

Massed Orc Unit

Per Dale's request, here are some photos of a massed group of Orc warriors.  They are not mounted for dungeon play, more for a wargame (2 figures to a 1.25" square base), but you can still get a sense for varied arm positions and painting variety that can be used for your dungeon orcs too.  Construction is identical to what I described before, with the exception that some of these troopers have spears (round tooth picks) and shields (I just used precut thin wood shapes similar to those used for the bases of the other figures, and in some cases altered the shape of them slightly by cutting them).
The banner is just a piece of copy paper that I cut and then covered in watered down white glue and then I shaped it like I wanted and let it dry, and then painted it.  The drum is a small thin wood precut round shape (its big brother is the one I use for the bases for the dungeon miniatures) glued onto a flower pot wooden shape I picked up at Michael's. 
I have some archers as well, perhaps I'll post about them next.




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