Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sharpie Metallic Silver

Once upon a time I tried to paint figures with paint markers and it was not a pretty sight. The other week or so I was going through the office supply store (uh oh!) and I found a pretty unique Sharpie pen: a Metallic Silver one. I set it aside and used it for marking various dark objects and it worked well. Nice and smooth.

Yesterday I was looking at some toothpicks about to be used for muskets for my British and dreading painting the silver lines to represent the barrels when I spied the Sharpie and decided to give it a try. It worked great! In fact it worked better than a paint brush for some reason.

Given the medium I am now working with - wood - I wonder if the paint markers might not be a good choice after all. Sharpie has an interesting variety of glossy, oil-based paint markers that are both opaque and permanent. I think I need another trip to the art or office supply store...


  1. I sometimes use markers and fine pens for writing on models and vehicles but always looking out for better ideas. Will have to check out Sharpie.

  2. I've had some success with sharpies on coloured card for buildings.




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