Monday, February 7, 2011

Artillery - Part 3 (Painted)

The artillery piece, a French Napoleonic 12 pounder, (by the looks of it), is complete. Or, at least, I have decided to stop fiddling with it and move on to the artillerymen.

Since building it I have found out a few more terms. What I was calling the "trail" - the two vertical pieces that the axle passes through and the barrel rests on - is actually called the "cheeks". The pieces extending out of the barrel, allowing it to elevate, are called the "trunnions".

In the final analysis, the cheeks are too thick (high). They should have less body. If I find the right sized staple, I will add it to the barrel as the handles, but otherwise I am done.

I did a little "weathering" using ink washes, but wasn't very successful because, well, smooth wood doesn't have too many recesses for the wash to pool into, so I ended up with a few disguised brush marks.

Still, I am happy with the results and would happily put it on the table for a game of Song of Drums and Shakos. I am sorely tempted to make the artillerymen Imperial Guard, but really need them to be line. But first, to finish the six British infantry on the bench, plus the French Ligne Eagle Bearer, and the four King's German Legion Light Dragoons, and the ...




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