Monday, November 28, 2016

Painted Monsters

Hi Everyone,

I finally got around to painting the Mind Flayer and the Otyugh figures I made a while back.  I've been working on a "metal" project lately, but needed a break so I went back to my wooden guys to finish them up. 

First the Mind Flayer.
All fear the Mind Flayer!  I'm pretty happy with him, especially the head/face which I was most worried about.  It looks a little "small" on the naked wooden figure, but it isn't once you get the eyes painted on it.  Here are a couple more shots:
Nothing earth shattering in the painting really.  For the most part it's stuff I've done before except for the eyes.  I wanted to make sure and make them look not at all human.

And now ... the Otyugh!!!

Honestly, I couldn't be happier with it!  As you can see, I did end up gluing on some sharp toothpick ends to give him some spikes.  I'm pleased with the construction and the finished paint job as well.  Doesn't always happen with a first-time construction piece with me.  I did a base for him as well but glued him on at the end, after I painted everything.  Here are some more shots:
Just two colors, a medium brown base coat (two coats for good coverage) and then a mustard yellow color on top for the body coloring.  I tried to keep it simple.  It would have been really easy to get too detailed and complicated for the tentacle pattern.  I wanted to both keep it simple, and paint on a pattern that was consistent with the pieces I used in construction.  The teeth were first given a light gray undercoat and then the teeth were painted on top, leaving some gray showing as usual.  And now, for the view of the Otyugh that an adventurer would see, right before the end ...

Hope you enjoyed these two classic D&D monsters.  I might work on some Drow next.  But for the rest of this week, I need to get some metal monsters done for my D&D game I'm running on Sunday night.  Starting a new campaign, I want to get off on the right foot!




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