Sunday, February 19, 2012

Free 1/16" Wood Sheets

Jim Walton posted an good tip on the Wargaming on a Budget forum on Yahoo:
Go to the back of your local super market and look in their garbage bin. I found some super material all for the price of carrying it away. They were wooden fruit (and maybe some veggie) boxes, made both of solid wood veneer (less that a 1/16") and some even of very thin (slightly under 1/8") plywood. Remove the staples and you have great material for bases and scratch-built projects.
For me a good source of sheet wood would be very useful. Although I tend to start with wooden shapes, like flat toothpicks, craft sticks, etc. sometimes wood sheets are very useful, such as for cartridge boxes, swords, sabretaches, etc.

And free is good! Thanks Jim!

Oh, and welcome to new reader Palsgrave. I hope you enjoy the blog.

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