Tuesday, February 7, 2012

28mm Roman - Painted

As I was painting my test 28mm Imperial Roman soldier, it dawned on me that the helmet did not look right. I knew it was not going to be perfect in shape, but it was missing ... something. I went back to my reference books and it leapt out at me: the very distinctive neck guard.

I grabbed some of the thinner craft sheet foam and, using the button plug acting as the head, pressed the base of it into the foam to get an indentations. (See earlier experiments with craft sheet foam and how to make templates.) I then glued it underneath my previous foam piece, trimmed carefully, and now it looks right.

And a real one:

With that, it was time to finish painting him, including a look of grim determination on his face.

These figures are very simple to make and I think they look good, certainly identifiable as a Imperial Roman Legionnaire. Time to work on that army again...


  1. Nice work Dale.
    You will probably like the work of Joaquin Torres García, an artist who created an incredible line of transformable wood toys.
    Here are some links, but I am sure you could find a lot more.
    Regards, Cesar.

  2. Fantastic job !!!!!! I like it and my children too... They would be so happy to play with this figures : "Daddy... Could we have the sames.... PLEASE..." :-)




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