Sunday, February 5, 2012

25mm Roman

I happened upon an interesting combination of shapes today, and it occurred when I was thinking about finishing my 25mm DBA Roman army. I had started my Romans using a Micro Shaker Peg, which is the same basic figure that I used for my 25mm DBA Armenian army. How I was doing the helmet was taking a lot of sanding, which generally does not bother me except that the 25mm figures are much smaller than the 42mm ones, so I end up sanding my fingertips.

The figures below show the basic pieces used to make the figure. Starting from the top you have a small (mushroom) button plug. This part gives a 'head with helmet' look that is 'almost there'. It is attached to a round head plug, which gives a nice impression of shoulders, and combined with the top of the spool, defines the figure's abdomen. The spool at the bottom gives the legs and feet. Using the same spool, I carefully split it in half, making a nice rounded Roman scutum, something I have been pondering on how to simulate for awhile now. I sanded the inside a little in order for it to fit the curve of the figure and give a nice surface area for gluing. Finally the right arm is the rounded end of a flat toothpick while the gladius is the pointed end of that same toothpick. (For a pilum I would use a rounded toothpick.)

It would be very easy to glue those pieces together and just go with that, but you know me. I like the little details. The half spool makes a great scutum, but only the top and bottom shield rim is represented, so I took two pieces of thin foam sheet and made the rim for the left and right. Trimming it with a sharp blade will make it look better.

To finish off the helmet, I added a strip of thicker foam sheet and glued it to the sides and back of the 'head' under the 'helmet'. Using a sharp blade I cut out the section where the ears were exposed. Simple, but effective. As I look at other pictures of Romans I may find other bits and pieces to add, but for now that looks pretty good. I can make these much faster than the ones I had been making previously. Given that these will be a little thicker, I think I will use these for the legionnaires and the others, based on the micro shaker pegs, the auxilia.

Now the only question is: do I paint these myself or send them to Bob? I think they would do well with the marker pen treatment that I used for my Armenians.

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