Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Commanche Indian in 28mm

I joined a new Yahoo group about wargaming the Plains Indian wars. I have generally avoided that subject mostly because I grew up with the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, and in my day Scouts had almost a reverential attitude towards the American Indian ways. The wars were glossed over. But, now I live in the West (AZ) and I am surrounded by history, yet I have been refusing to game it. I figured it was time to get over my reluctance. After all, the American Indian warriors could be quite colorful.

As before I used a simple shaker peg for the figure. What needed to change, however, was the 'skirt'. I figured that for this figure I could use a combination of breechcloth and leggings, so the skirt in the front and back was still appropriate; it would represent the breechcloth. I sanded out a space on the left and right and everything looked perfect.

The feather is a simple flat toothpick very delicately sanded (along with my fingers) to get the shape. I intentionally squiggled the line in the feather so it looked more natural.

The flesh color I used was Game Workshops' Dark Flesh. As my reference picture was Chief Low Dog of the Commanches - and he was very dark - this looks better than all of the other flesh colors I have as it has that tinge of red. If I were to do more figures I would definitely mix my own pot of paint using that as the base.

Almost all of the details are done with marker pens. My experiments with the Early Armenian army, where everyone is a different color scheme and pattern, showed me that these tools need to stay a permanent part of my tool box.

The hardest part of all for this piece? The tomahawk blade. I needed it thick enough so it would take glue, but thin enough to look okay as a blade. That was very hard to cut and sand to the proper shape; many skin cells gave their lives for the creation of that piece! :^D

It is a very colorful piece, allowing me to be creative in a number of ways, so I can see getting into this period. I just have so much going on right now it will probably stay on the shelf as a one-off experiment until the mood really hits me.

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