Friday, June 17, 2011

Been 'Away' for Awhile

I've been away from this blog for awhile, and to be honest, those darn Romans burned me out. They needed a lot of work to shape the helmet and almost every figure needed a helmet. My hand was actually getting cramps holding all of the figures sanding them down. (One unanticipated downside to working with smaller figures when you have sausage-sized figures.)

I want to get back on them, as I really want to send them off to my miniatures painter in Canada and see what he can do with them. I really want to hear his feedback on how easy or hard it is to paint free-hand and whether this particular medium is enjoyable or not.

I am going to start posting some pictures on my Dale's DBA blog of my DBA armies, as I have collected a few but never really shown them. I've also started fleshing out my Flames of War German and American armies, so I thought I would take pictures of those and post them to the Dale's Wargames blog. I've started making some cheap terrain for 15mm, so they will also end up on the latter blog as they are not really pertinent to this blog.

One thing I was thinking about doing was trying my hand at making wooden vehicles (in 15mm) for Flames of War. If I get into that, they would definitely be posted here. Anything I make would never rival, say Battlefront Miniatures, in detail; I would simply want to get the basic shape right and of course, get the cost down.

So, that's what I have upcoming. Nothing immediate on the wooden warriors horizon, but then I have always been one to cycle through projects and go through phases, so you never know.

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