Saturday, April 2, 2011

Armenian Army - Almost There

Well, I am almost done with my 28mm Early Armenian DBA army. It is only "almost" because I still have not gotten my bases from Litko. [grrrr] They are running a little late...

I finished the remaining three elements of Armenian Warriors (Auxilia in DBA).

I threw in a couple of different poses and shield shapes, but for the most part they are small round shields and armed with a short spear held overarm.

If the swordsman's head looks strange that is because I painted him with male pattern baldness. Not something you usually see in a commercial figure, but all of my wooden warrior units have at least one.

Finally, a shot of the whole army, save for the two new optional elements that will be in the DBA 3.0 list (two Bow elements).

It has been great fun building this army from scratch. Once I get it properly based, I will post the results to Fanaticus, Lead Adventures, and TMP and see how the "proper" world responds.

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