Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Steampunk Clockwork Soldier - WIP

I'm building up steam on my Steampunk Clockwork Soldier (sorry, could not help it). As you can see in the figures below, I have added a 'neck' and the 'head' for the unit, in this case looking down presumably to smash some meat bag in front of it.

The legs are now glued in position so that the feet could lie flat on a base. I articulated the right foot by sanding a notch in a wooden oval, soaking the wooden piece, and then bending the oval at the notch and letting it dry in the new position.

The neck was created by using a flat plug, 1/4" in this case, the same as the 'eyes'. To make it all work I drilled a hole through the face, the neck, and into the shoulders, then ran a dowel through it all to strengthen the glue. This is now a technique I am pretty much doing for almost everything.

I forgot to mention that I used the dowel pinning process for the torso. I drilled a hole through the top of the heart shape, down all the way through the bottom, then made holes in the top and bottom spools. Unfortunately, drilling a hole all the way through the heart made it fragile, and it broke in half. Next time I will only drill a hole in the top and the bottom of the heart shape and simply use two pins. (It would help if I also found some thinner dowels or started using metal pins.)

All that really remains are the arms. I know I want a close combat weapon attached to one arm and a ranged weapon attached to the other, but I haven't really figured out what. Traditional close combat weapons are typically smashing types, given these machines fight each other, and cutting weapons are generally ineffective against their armored bodies. That makes it easier to design.

For the ranged weapon, unless electricity is being used as a weapon, it would have to be a breech-loader with an automatic feed mechanism. I may think about electrical weapons. Maybe look at some Tesla coils...


  1. Surely something by Martini, Adams or perhaps Pratt & Whitney would be appropriate? Rather than this electricity nonsense...

  2. Surely something by Martini, Adams or Pratt&Whitney would be more appropriate than any electrical nonsense?




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