Thursday, March 3, 2011

British 87th (Prince of Wales of Irish) Regiment

I finally finished the second batch of British line infantry, for my Napoleonic skirmish games (using Ganesha Games' Song of Drums and Shakos).

With 12 infantry figures (and 2 cavalry) I can now have a better scenario than previously, where I only had 6 infantry and 1 cavalry. You can see the Corporal on the end, to the right.

I should still do an Officer. As these troops are in the Belgic shako, I will probably do the same for him, rather than putting him in the older bicorne, as used in the Peninsular War.

It will probably be quite some time before I create any specialty figures for this squad. When I do it will surely be a drummer, standard bearer, and sapper. Eventually I will also need to paint up a rifleman - in the 95th Rifles, of course!

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  1. Capital fellows - they look very well. Hurrah for the 87th!




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