Monday, December 20, 2010

Vivandiere - Finishing the Top Hat and Making the Skirt

I decided to keep working on the new figure while doing other things. My wife is writing a research paper, so I needed to be quiet anyway... : )

I took more Crayola Modelling Magic Fusion and made a skirt (left picture).I know it looks a little blocky right now, but I will add more material at the bottom so that it has more of a flair. I just did not want the material too thick in a single layer, slowing drying time.

I considered adding rolls of material vertically down the dress, to represent the folds. In the end I decided that the look was not good and that it would be better to keep it simple and use paint for such "effects", if I wanted them.

I added some material at the back (center picture) of the top hat to represent the scarf, wrapped around the base of the top hat's crown (it will be painted, not molded) and hanging down in the back. I too a flat piece of material shaped as an inverted "V" and glued it to the back, then took scissors and cut out a notch once the material had dried a bit.

The last piece is adding a small ball of material at the back of the head (right picture) as a hair 'bun'. Not readily visible now, but once it is painted it will be.

Boy, the more I look at that skirt, the more I really don't like it as it is. One more layer to add before going to bed!

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