Friday, December 31, 2010

Greek Trojan War Figure Completed

I finally finished the Greek from the Trojan War period. (Well, actually it is a mix of Greek from the Archaic period and the Mycenaeans from the Trojan War period, but as this figure is for Greek mythology gaming, it is all good.)

I started with a flat clothespin in order to try something different from the pawns I normally use. It painted well and you can see the build process in a previous blog entry. I've painted more details, added the shield, and added a crest from those last pictures.

The shield is simply two dowels glued together to make the figure-8 shield. The crest is a small 1/2" eye hook screwed into the top of the clothespin and a portion of the 'eye' snipped out. I then took some red yarn and glued it to the painted eye hook. Once the glue had dried, I dipped the yarn into Future Acrylic Floor Wax to stiffen it up.

All in all a simple, easy-to-make and easy-to-paint figure. The only tools required were a drill and bit for the arm assembly (see the previous blog entry), a Dremel and a sanding bit for shaping the arms and spacer (although the latter could certainly have been a nylon or metal spacer of the appropriate size), a saw to cut slices from a dowel, and metal snips to cut the piece out of the eye hook. Very little glue was used on this figure compared to my others.


  1. I like him. I have made a Roman century using wine corks for my son, also little glue and the best thing...cost virtually nothing
    Happy new year

  2. Just a thought- could you not use a small brass cup hook for the metal part of the crest? You wouldn't need to cut anything then.




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