Wednesday, June 13, 2018

North Texas RPG Con Game!

Back from the North Texas RPG Con and had as much fun this year as last!  I think attendance may have been a little lighter than last year, but the games were stellar.  I played in 5 games, it's the most games I've ever played in at a Con.

I helped out Thom with his game although I didn't play in it.  I essentially handed him the figures he needed after describing the situation to the players.  They all used the wooden warriors I bought and Thom used the monsters.  This was an RPG convention, not a minis game convention, but the people that played the game seemed to really like the figures.  I did not however get one person who stopped by to take a look at them, which never happens at a minis convention when I have used these guys.  Even if they end up not liking them, people stop by the table and ask about the figures and take a look at them.  Didn't happen at this Con but again, I think that's because it isn't a minis convention.  Also, and this is great for the people running the games, each table has its own dry erase gridded map which makes drawing the dungeon super easy.  Unfortunately, it means that there is not terrain.  The figures are just on the dry erase mat.  But I totally understand why they do it that way, it makes it super easy on the game masters.

Anyway, here are some pics of the game with my figures.
The party went into this room and finished off a bunch of undead gray goblins.  The players chose the male dwarf figure (I don't think I've posted pictures of him yet now that I think about it!), the female elf with a bow, the male young wizard, the female young wizard reading the scroll, and the male elf with a bow.

Another room where the party was fighting the goblin gargoyles.

Probably the best picture I took, the party fighting the dreaded alter mimic!  That figure, more than any of the others, was the biggest hit I think.  Ironically, it's by far the easiest one to make and paint!

And the last room in the dungeon, the party fighting the Lovecraftian horror.  Unlike the alter mimic, this figure was a bear to construct and paint, although people seemed to like this one too.

It was great getting some exposure for my figures at the Con.  As I said, I hoped to get more walk-up traffic about them, but I didn't really get much.  However, Thom has been incredibly supportive and he made an explicit effort to get people to take a look at them and heaped plenty of praise on the figures.  So I'm feeling good about it.

Maybe tomorrow or Friday I'll try to post some pics of some new figures I've been working on, another human cleric, a half-orc fighter type, and that male dwarf that I used in this game but haven't posted pictures of yet.


  1. Terrific stuff...I played my *very first* game of D&D last night! (I know, I'm 57 and only trying this now!) And all I kept thinking was how cool it would be to try and make my character as a peg figure.

  2. Yes, making these little wooden fellows can become a sickness. It is clear from your blog that you have been bitten by the bug as it were.

    Did you enjoy the game? If you want something a little closer to historical miniatures in play, google Heroquest. It is a board game that is really fun and similar to D&D but much closer to a minis game. You can find the rules and scenarios as a free pdf I think and having a goal of making all the minis for it yourself is a reasonable goal. There are 4 heroes, a hand full of goblins, orcs, skeletons, and zombies. Then there are a couple of mummies and a gargoyle. You could do rooms by themselves instead of the whole board as one piece and gave a great game.

    If you wanted a slightly more rpg feel but still board game in its feel there is a free game called Dungeoneer. To me it is Heroquest but you are free to make your own stuff up, and the system is more traditional in terms of being more similar rules wise to a rpg than is Heroquest.

    This same guy has a free set of rpg rules that are simple and fun that play like a board game as well. I prefer the 4th edition. After that they get too complicated for my taste. But this is another game that you could design a scenario for easily and play a good game quickly.




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