Thursday, June 14, 2018

Half-orc, Dwarf, and Human Cleric!

Got three new PC figures done, the dwarf before NTRPG Con (since he was used in the game obviously), and then two more after I got back.  In all fairness, I had already constructed the other two and primed the figures before I left, so I came back and painted these two new figures in about 2 hours. Not surprisingly, the more of these figures I do, the faster the construction and especially the painting goes!  Turns out I could go into work later this morning than usual, so I decided to go ahead and do a blog post this morning.

Here are the new trio.

Half-orc fighter type on the left, Dwarf fighter type in the middle with a big-ass hammer, and my newest take on a male Human Cleric.  What is new with them?  Nothing really new with the Half-orc but he is my first "orc-type" PC figure I have done.  Essentially he is a male upside down milk bottle body with a split bead head and split bead helmet with the "goblin" ears glued on sticking out under the helmet.  I also used the larger size tile spacer for his feet (not sure why I have it in my head that orcs and half-orcs have big feet, but there you go).  On the Dwarf, the hammer is a new construction.  Toothpick handle with a small bead at the base of the hammer part of the weapon.  The hammer part itself is two oblong beads glued onto a small round bead.  Then I just ran that through the toothpick for strength.  On the top is a split very small bead to cover the top hole of the small bead that makes up the head of the hammer.  I think it looks pretty cool.  For the human Cleric, not too much new except for the mace.  Instead of a round bead for the head of the weapon which is what I have done to date, I used one of the oblong beads as the main part of the head and then a split very small bead as the top part.  I love the oversized look to it (just like for the hammer) and I think it looks great on these more cartoony style figures.

Here is a shot from the back (pretty boring since it's just cloaks and hair):

And here is a shot from the left to right side of the line.  Good shot of the Half-orc here, I think his scale mail armor turned out really well.  I'm happy I went with the lighter shade of gray rather than the medium shade which would not have stood out so prominently and I wanted his scale mail armor to be a focal point. Better view of the Dwarf's hammer as well, you can see the construction a little better in this picture.

And finally a shot from the right to the left side of the line.

I really like how the male Human Cleric turned out.  Nice pose, great mace, and I like his full mail suit head to toe but having the green coat over the mail breaks it up nicely.  You can easily see how doing all those Norman figures has made my painting of this type of fantasy character figure better.  The helmet looks great I think!


  1. Been having a try at something similar....Phew! I'm going to need a lot of practise! :D

  2. I am looking forward to seeing your efforts!

  3. I love the hammer too. Is the dwarf's beard paper or something else?

  4. The beard is indeed paper as well.




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