Friday, April 6, 2018

Human & Elvish Adventurers

I'm pretty excited, I might get to have my figures used in a game at the North Texas Role-playing Games CON in June.  It's primarily an OSR convention and I think the figures will fit in nicely.  Thom, over at Throwigames, has voiced an interest in using my little fellows for one of his convention games.  So I've been hard at work making more adventurers.

I had a distinct lack of elves, so I decided to do another female elf adventurer, and I have no male elven adventures so I did the first.  In B/X D&D, the game he is running, "elf" is a class and they are all essentially Fighter/Magic-users, so they wear armor.  While I was doing them I decided to do another male human Fighter (can't have too many of them), another female Thief (I wanted to try a different leather armor look), and a "traditional" (read "stereotypical") human Magic-user.  For all of the female figures, I was also testing out a different way to do helmeted female heads.  Here are all the figures in a row.

From left to right, male elf, female elf, human magic-user, human fighter, female human thief.  Here they are from the rear.
I added a pack to the human fighter's back, and the magic-user has a spell book on his hip.  Both are made from tile spacers.

Close up of the elves.
Nothing really new construction wise on the male elf.  The female elf, however, has a new head.  It's a small bead split in half for the face (flat side on the top) and the helmet is a large bead split in half (flat side obviously facing down).  I thought this would a) look great, but also b) give me some room to do some really fun hair.  I was right!  I like creating movement in my figures using the hair and both this one and the female human thief have great hair.

Speaking of the humans ... close up time.
I never get tired of making the human male fighters.  I just love that construction.  I wanted him to be a bit more menacing so I painted a skull on his shield and on the front of his helmet.  The magic user is the first "oldster" I've done with the balding pate and the long flowing beard.  I  like the way he turned out too.  The next one I do I'm going to have holding a scroll I think.  The female human thief on the far right has the same head and helmet and hair construction as the female elf.  I wanted to give her some more "primitive" looking leather armor and I'm happy with the paint job result for that.  I also like her pose ... sort of holding her hand out cautiously signaling for those behind her to stop because she has detected some sort of danger ahead.

My next batch are some civilians.  I'm doing a bartender and serving girl, a torch bearer, and three city guards who can also stand in for any generic jail guards or whatever, even in a dungeon environment.


  1. What you are doing with paper is just amazing.

  2. Thanks. I have to admit, there is a pretty steep learning curve with the paper. At first, I would just sort of cut it and pray that it would turn out looking okay. Now, I'm much more deliberate in my approach and I think it's because I have just gotten more confident working with the somewhat unpredictability of the medium.




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