Saturday, April 14, 2018

Civilians I

Got several of the civilians I planned to do finished yesterday, so I wanted to post about them.  I ended up not doing the bartender yet (I can't decide on his pose), but I did get two guards done (one of them sleeping!), a guard captain, a torch bearer for a party of adventurers, and a serving wench.  Here they are all lined up in a row.

Here are the guards. The one without the shield has his eyes closed, he's the sleeping one.  The one in the chainmail and the metal helm is obviously the captain with his baton ready to club someone for misbehavior (or perhaps club the sleeping guard!).  Nothing new construction wise with them, or painting for that matter.  I kept their armor very simple and plain looking leather jerkin.  I'm starting to really like the striped pants of the Middle Ages for these figures for some reason as you can see.

You can really see the simplicity of the paint jobs on these guys.  Can't have the city guard showing up the adventurers now can I?

Next up are the torch bearer and the serving wench.  Nothing new on the torchbearer except for the torch.  Instead of DM Scotty's Q-tip torch construction, I actually used a toothpick cut down to size and then just used hot glue to make the "flame" part.  No smoke with this construction but I don't really miss it to be honest.  The serving wench is holding two pints ("They come in pints!?") of ale ... okay, these are more like gallons but you know what I mean ... that are made from tubular shaped wooden beads.  I glued a split down and trimmed down tile spacer end to the top of each to make the "foam" of the ale.  Other than that she's a pretty standard construction.

And from the rear.

Pretty happy with these figures, especially the serving wench.  Might be nice to do a tavern full of NPCs ... when I actually get some free time.


  1. As a fellow sufferer - I warn you.

    Once you start collecting civilians...

    1. Yeah, you are right. I am already thinking I need to do a rat catcher. Stop the madness!

  2. They look great, as always.




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