Monday, March 12, 2018


This figure is supposed to be a male Halfling, since I already did a female Halfling before, but at the scale of these figures, the gender of the figure could be anything you want.  I decided to put a mask on him to make him look a little different than the other figures I've done.  I might do a rogue at some point with a mask as well.  Anyway, here he is.

Same construction as the female halfling.  Oblong bead body, small bead head, tile spacer arms and feet (the feet tile spacer is cut in half so that it is thinner which obviously takes some height off the figure which is desirable in this case.  Paper hair, paper skirt for the armor, the mask is just painted on, and the two daggers/short swords are tile spacers.

Here he is being brave leading a party of humans for size comparison.


  1. Wow, the shaped hair is just amazing.

  2. Agreed, he obviously has a good hairdresser! :) He looks very dangerous for a Halfling, very well done!

  3. Thanks! Sometimes the hair just works out great (I don't think I "fiddled" with his hair that much) and other times I have to keep cutting pieces and redoing it over and over and over again. This one I did have a bit of a problem in that I was trying to save paper and used a scrap piece for the top part that was a little smaller than I would have liked (I usually like more from the top spilling down to at least the bottom of the head if not the shoulders) but this piece only went down to about his eyes. This created a "line" right around the head. But I liked the bangs so much that I "made lemonade" and used that line to create the band of the mask. In hindsight, I wish I would have put shoulder armor pieces on him, but such is life.

    Just as an aside, the whole using paper to create the "skirts" of the armor pieces and the hair has a really steep learning curve. It used to take me a long time to get the pieces to work, but now that I know about how large to cut them, and what I need to really worry about and what I can ignore in terms of imperfections), I can turn out the paper sculpting part of these figures pretty quickly now with decent results. I need to do another male dwarf. I've only done one, and the beard and hair combination was a real challenge.




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