Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Norman Infantry Unit!

Got a little sidetracked with work towards the end of last week, so this unit was completed about 3 days later than I planned.  But it's done.  Norman infantry in a shield wall.  Four bases of 4 figures each.  Here they are being screened by a skirmish line of Norman archers.
And a close up.
From the right side.
Left side.
And rear.
These three new bases are identical to the "test base" I did a couple of weeks ago except that for two of the bases, the ones that make up the rear ranks of the unit, I put three spear men and one guy with an two-handed axe just for variety and because it looks cool.

Given the total number of units I'm going to need for a Hastings game, this is going to be my historical 2018 project, and here is hoping that I can finish it by November for Fall In.  I'm not terribly confident about that, but I may surprise myself.

I'm going to do a fantasy figure next, but after that, I'll do a unit of Norman cavalry.


  1. Wow! They really look great. How many more units?

  2. Thanks!

    My goal for the Normans is a left and right flank made up of two spear units, one archer unit, and one cavalry unit. The middle will be two archer units, 4 spear units, and two cavalry units. For the Saxons, a total of 12 infantry units with one unit (although greatly spread out) of slingers. Lots to go unfortunately.




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