Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Otyugh Update

Hi Everyone,

So here is my otyugh figure side by side with the pre-painted D&D counterpart.  As you can see, the scale is nearly identical in terms of actual area taken up by the figure, which is one of the things I try and go for.  I'm also happy with the general appearance of the otyugh at this point.  I cut tile spacers to make the "teeth" at the end of two of the tentacled arms.  There is just one tile spacer per side, though, so essentially it is a thinned down long straight piece of tile spacer that I then cut a jagged edge on to look like teeth.  Individual teeth would probably look better, but would be really fiddly and would be more likely to come off the figure with handling.  I will paint on the other teeth in its maw because there just is not enough space to put teeth in there.  I can't make the mouth any wider because as it is constructed now, the bottom of the lower jaw already is just mm from the table top.  I also think I will paint on the spikes, but I did entertain using toothpicks or other wooden pointy things cut to size and glue them on.  I still might do this, I haven't decided.  I will need to decide this before I paint it.  The issue is how likely I think they will be to break off with use.  Obviously, I don't want that and if that is likely, it's not worth going for the 3D spikes, better to just paint them on.
I also have a base done for him and painted already, but I will only glue the figure onto the base once it is painted.  He is such a low ground clearance figure that painting the underneath of the figure would be next to impossible if I put it on a base first.

I went with the tapered plugs for his arms, ending each in a split egg with its bottom filed down so that it is flat, making it look like it attaches to the tentacle.  Although the tapered plugs do not give it a smooth look, I think they will actually add to the segmented tentacle arm look once its painted.  But we'll see.

Hope you like the otyugh!  Tomorrow I'll post something else, haven't decided yet what, either a painting example again or something else.

-- Matt


  1. I love the picture from the 1977 Monster Manual.

  2. Hi Chuck,

    I agree! I like the old classic artwork, especially anything by Erol Otus. You going to Fall In? I am going to try and run a pickup game Friday or Saturday evening using these fantasy figures and my dungeon crawl rules if you are interested.

    1. I plan to attend, I will try to look in on the game, and play, if I can, it sounds great.

    2. Good! I will see you there one way or the other.

  3. Wonderful stuff. A curious choice and well executed.

  4. Really well executed tentacles. And here I sit in the hotel gluing beads together...




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