Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Some French Artillerymen - Finally!

I have finally finished some French artillerymen for the cannon I built quite sometime ago. Okay, so "finished" is a relative term; I still have to make a bucket for one of the figures.

I am definitely experimenting more with craft foam, especially in making arms. The ramrod is simply a thin wooden dowel with two cylindrical beads glued on each end.

The officer's spyglass is a simple piece of plastic scrap, as is the linstock (which is really too short). But it was my first crack at it, so I will probably improve it over time.

The French artillerymen's uniform is rather nice during the Napoleonic period. This is really a novelty piece and one that will probably not get much play given that most of my Napoleonic games are at the skirmish level. Given all of the handcrafting that went into the cannon, if I had to make a large number of them I would probably go crazy (or more probably, never finish).

By the way, this was the first blog entry in which all pictures were taken with, and edited on, the iPad, along with writing the blog entry itself. Pretty handy!

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