Saturday, September 15, 2012

Not Quite a Standard Bearer

Here is another figure I have been working on for quite some time now. As I could not find a properly scaled French Napoleonic standard, I went with a porte fanion to represent my French Napoleonic standardbearer.

He is pretty much standard as far as the build techniques, however I decided to put the halberd through his hands allowing for a different pose. All in all a nice clean figure and paint job.

I am, however, looking for a 40 mm or 50 mm scale French Napoleonic standard. There are some to be purchased but I am trying to find a free one that can scale up. If so, I can paint a proper standardbearer and use this figure as a guard. Nothing like having a veteran armed with pistols and a halberd in Songs of Drums and Shakos.

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  1. Dale, I love your soldiers! Such innovation and care in the design. Pure love!




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