Friday, October 29, 2010

Hit a Dry Spell

I haven't been blogging of late for a few reasons.
  1. My main computer, which I had just rebuilt several months ago, died again. This time it was a motherboard failure - so no lost data - but it was basically unrecoverable. Can't complain. I built that computer more than eight years ago and it has held up for all time, through Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional, and finally Windows 7 Ultimate. Even had Ubuntu on there once. I purchased the parts for Dale's PC, The Next Generation, and I have high hopes for it. Hopefully I will get it built this weekend, but because I have switched drive types, I will have to reinstall all of my old software (again), and copy over all of the old data. On the plus side the new PC is a smoker.
  2. Too many projects, not enough closure. I started too many projects and I wasn't getting enough of anything done. So I decided to start finishing some things started and setting aside those that were not far enough along yet. On the front burner: anything dealing with basing already painted troops. On the back burner: wooden warriors and solo DBA.
  3. Weather is turning cool, so I can go outside again (I am in Arizona). That means the wife wants me to start stringing more hoses and drip lines for the roses, trees, and such. When it gets cold I will be able to go inside again and work on my projects.
So, once I get the computer back up, I will try and post a little here and there about Solo DBA, DBA games in general, AWI, and such. I am trying to get organized with the local club and get some regular gaming going. Hopefully we will start a Wednesday Night DBA Fights soon.

As for Wooden Warriors. Well, I have some pictures to process - experiments with paper and Napoleonic cavalry - so that will make it here. I am also bugging Justo (but obviously not effectively enough) to do a guest blog entry on making ships in the Age of Sail. There is also a new member (Steve C.) on the Wargaming on a Budget forum that is doing some nice 42mm work (my scale!) and maybe I can convince him to do a guest blog entry or tutorial. Finally, Jim has done some nice paper/wood work that he can get some time to also do a blog entry.

I obviously am not making my November goal to have enough Napoleonic troops done in time for the release of Command & Colors: Napoleonics by Richard Borg and GMT Games. Maybe once I get a troop list from the scenarios I can get proper motivation. (Yeah, that's it!)

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