Saturday, October 30, 2010


I recently bought some shield transfers (decals) made by Little Big Men Studios for my 15mm Xyston Carthaginians and Macedonians (they are beautiful, by the way) and I noticed that the back of the transfer sheet indicated that they were using stock decal transfer paper for inkjets. That got me to thinking.

What I liked about printing on paper and gluing to wooden pawns was that I could get good detail quickly. What I did not like was the color of large surface areas. Unless you are printing to very high quality stock, and using the best inks and highest resolutions, the color often looks washed out. In my experiments I ended up painting the coat color onto the paper (also due to color matching problems) to solve the wash out.

If I could combine painting the base colors on the wood with printing out the detail, while also keeping the precision cutting of the decals down to a minimum, I might have the "perfect" solution. What if I used clear decals? I've got to go to the office supply store and give it a try.

Latest news on the PC: I bought the wrong power supply so I have to send the one I bought back and get a new one with the right power connectors. Grrrrr!

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