Sunday, June 18, 2017

2 New Adventurers, 3 New Doors

I've been hard at work churning out a couple new heroes, another human fighter but the first with a crossbow, and the other a female elf ranger/fighter/archer.  Here they are.
Not much new construction wise, but I decided to try and paint some scale mail on the human fighter, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  Every now and then I put in a gold scale to break it up a bit.

Now an action shot with the three new doors.
Two human fighters and a human cleric coming up behind the two new heroes to provide support.  There is a new door in the background.  I painted a brick pattern on this one, and put a couple of split bead torch slots on for decoration.
Second new door, this one with the split lady bugs serving as skulls flanking the door.  I'll probably do another one where I put the skull on the door itself.
Third new door behind the troll.  I used the same thin pre-cut wooden small circles as shields as decorations on each side of the doorway. 

And finally a larger scale action shot.  The two new heroes blundered into this room of drow and a troll, with a gray ooze sneaking up on the elf.


  1. Looking through the blog (from when you guest blogged years ago), seeing the progression of your work, really shows that you have come a long way. Great stuff.

  2. Thank you! My style has remained relatively the same but I agree, my figures have come a long way. The attention to detail that you put into yours, especially your Napoleonics, has had a significant influence on increasing the quality of my figures.

  3. That Human with a cross bow . . . Boba Fett! Star Wars next?


  4. I, too, see Boba Fett when I look at that figure. And also Magento. I'm not sure what direction I'm going to go next, although I've got something in the works. More to come, hopefully, on that front over the next 6 months or so. But I have at least thought about doing some of the more famous comic book figures.




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