Saturday, November 5, 2011

Typhoon Tungsten Carbide Burr

In the past I have purchased several structured tooth tungsten carbide cutters from Dremel (the taper and the cylinder) to rough carve wood, but I haven't been overawed with how much faster it can remove stock than a regular coarse sanding drum. So it was with some hesitancy that I ordered a Typhoon Tungsten Carbide Burr (Coarse) from Micro-Mark.

As the package says: for aggressive material removal. Now we are talking! It looks kind of funny and as you can see in the picture, it already has wood dust in it, because I had to try it out on my toughest problem: hollowing out the interior of a 1/2 spool in order to use it as a hat.

As you can see from the pictures above and below, it made a nice little bowl that fit perfectly on my game piece figures' head. And it did it very quickly and easily. No bucking of the tool at all. The burr bit into the wood and tore through it with no problem.

Highly recommended! I've gotten the coarse ball and cone shapes, now to get the rest. I also purchased some small chisels, so maybe I will do something with that soon and can have an article on that.

I wanted to order a bending brake in order to make metal movement trays, so looks like I will be putting in another order to Micro-Mark soon, which is a really great place to get small tools for working with miniatures.

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