Saturday, September 18, 2010

Experiment #2 in Painting with Paper

After some discussion on the Wargaming on a Budget forum, I decided that the next experiment would be a "full" body" print - or as close to full as I could get it.

I started with this drawing.

I cut along the black lines for the coat, stopping at the lace on the chest. I also cut along the bottom of the collar, again stopping about where the chest lace extends. The idea was that I could wrap each section separately. This drawing clearly shows that I do not know how to deal with 3D shapes as the section for the top of the coat - which is to go in the shoulder area - will never work.

Nonetheless, I printed this version and an uncolored version out (the latter so I could draw on it and determine where other details should be drawn) and glued it on a figure. It actually did not look half bad for the portion below the shoulders.

My second attempt is more of an acknowledgement that I am not going to get the curved shoulders right anytime soon, so I just removed it. I also added some details, like the lines to define the legs, access panel for the trousers, turnbacks for the coat and changing the shape of the coat.

I am taking a break at the moment, but I think this second one will wrap around the pawn better than the first.

I have found that putting the heart on the bottom of the pawn - the feet, which also act as a platform for building the shoes up with modeling material - before gluing on the paper makes it easier to line up the cut-out onto the figure than if you glue it on before the feet. You definitely do not want to build up the modeling material, however, until after the paper is glued on as you would just have to cut out the area for the shoe if you put them on first.


  1. I have to say you have put alot of work in these little guys...its amazing what you have done.
    Great job.

  2. Less work than most people think. If you haven't joined, you should go see the work at the Wargaming on a Budget forum (link in this blog entry).




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