Saturday, July 31, 2010

French Napoleonic Ligne

I read an interesting article in the pilot issue of the Classic Wargamer's Journal in which Stokes Schwartz discusses painting large units and how to avoid losing momentum. That's basically what has happened to me in my project; I have lost momentum. Stokes makes the point that painting the smaller details earlier helps. That way you finish with the big stuff.

I've been trying to figure out how to do that - not really sure how you paint buttons on lapels before you paint the jacket, but I thought I would try to give it a try on the next batch. For now, I am mired in painting muskets (four more to go) and shako plates for 20 shakos. I am dreading that last piece.

That brings me to my point: how many people out there, when mounting figures singly, paint to an "acceptable point" and then go back and add the details later? I was thinking of doing that - stopping now and varnishing the figures - and then moving on to another unit. When the 'detail freak' comes out, I can paint one or two shako plates. I'll love to hear your thoughts, either here or on the Wargaming on a Budget forum.

I've decided to give the rules Sharp Practice by Too Fat Lardies a go - I've owned these rules since they were released - using these figures. In addition to using them for Command & Colors: Napoleonics, of course. The next unit should be something usable, like British Lights, but I want to do some cavalry, so I will probably do the King's German Legion Light Dragoons.

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