Saturday, September 7, 2019

Gamma World New Heroes & Baddies Revisted

Decided I needed to take a better picture of the baddies so that you could see the construction differences.  Here is the new pic.
Ahhh … better.  You can really see the new construction for the bodies on the Morlocks in particular in this photo.  The tapered bead is the chest and shoulders and this is glued on top of a barrel bead, which is then glued on top of a small tapered plug.  Arms, weapons, and feet are tile spacers as usual, and the head is a small round bead as usual.  It's a little tougher to see on the Brain Lasher but the same tapered bead is the chest and shoulders of the figure (although I have armored shoulder plates from a split small bead on top as well).  From the bottom of the chest there is a vertically glued tapered bead that makes up the ribs to the knees.  A small plug is the calves down and the feet are tile spacers as are the arms as usual.

New heroes!  My campaign is heavily influenced by the Terry Brooks Shannara books, I just love them, especially the ones that take place right after the great wars before everything got much more "Lord of the Ringsy" in feel and plot.  Gamma World (toned down a bit) is the perfect rules IMO to use to represent this period of Shannara and although my world is a little different for the game, the influence from Brook's writings is clear.  One of my players is playing an elf who, in my world, are aliens who were a slave race to the alien invaders of earth that created the devastation and ruin of the earth.  They eventually broke free from the invaders and worked with humans to fight back against their former masters.  Another player is playing a Troll who is essentially the same as the Shannara trolls except that in my world Trolls were created through intentional mutation by humans with human volunteers to produce "shock" troops to fight in the war against the invading aliens.  Here are the figures:
The elf is armed with a vibroblade and a hand crossbow on his right wrist (hard to see in this picture).  He is wearing some lighter armor, either leather or maybe plastic depending on what is needed at the time, and has a distinctive "Elric" appearance, which is what this player asked for.  The troll is wearing a Navy peacoat with a blaster pistol on his belt.  He is clearly carrying a huge club, which is what the player asked for.  I thought that when this game takes place there would be enough technological know-how left to be able to strengthen the club with metal plates and spikes at the "business end" of the club, so I made it that way.
Better view of the hand crossbow for the elf.  The elf is standard construction.  The only thing that is new about him is the vibroblade.  I wanted a definite "light sabre" appearance, so I used a toothpick to make it.  Then I painted it white (the "blade" part anyway) and then painted a neon orange color over the white to give it a "glowing" effect.  I'm pretty happy with it I think it looks pretty good.

The troll is a lot of new construction.  His head is made up of a large and medium sized round bead both split in two but what I did differently is I glued the smaller bead half on top of the larger bead half.  This creates a "lizard" looking underbite, because the skull is not as deep as the jaw, which is what I was going for.  His shoulder and chest is a larger tapered bead split in half and glued on top of a larger barrel bead, which is on top of a smaller barrel bead for the lower legs.  His upper arms (hard to see here) are split small barrel beads with hands and lower arms tile spacer and hot glue.  The pistol is tile spacer as are the feet.  The club is a dowel with a small tapered bead glued to one end, then I used hot glue to give it texture and make it smaller towards the handle.  I did a similar procedure before with one of the giants I made who is also holding a club.  I also used hot glue to put the "spikes" on the metal part of the club.
Little easier here to see for the troll the split barrel bead upper arms that then go into a tile spacer lower arm.  You can also see the split tapered bead shoulders better in this picture.  I used the hot glue gun to fill in some of the larger gaps in the figure, creating shoulder pads and such for the coat.  The collar of the peacoat is paper.

Pretty happy with them, I hope the players like them.

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