Saturday, June 30, 2018

New Wizard and a Bubbling Hell-pit!

Today I finished that Wizard figure that was a hold-over from the other three guys I recently finished, as well as a bubbling pit terrain piece.  Here are the two new pieces are with some of my more recent PC miniatures in a mini-diorama.  Entering the small room, the party discovers a bubbling pit that may well reach to the edge of hell in the center of the room.  Bravely, the Wizard uses his crystal ball to divine the source of the bubbling ooze!

The bubbling pit was made with a precut thin round plywood circle, about 2 inches across.  In the center I glued several different sizes of split beads to make the "bubbles."  I also glued a row of split beads of various sizes around the edge to give it a simple borded.  I then took the hot glue gun and made some ripples in the ooze that I could easily highlight with paint later.  For paint, the rocks are the standard earth tones I use, but the ooze was done by first painting it all a dark brown and then dry brushing the raised sections (the bubbles and the lines made by the hot glue gun) with white.  Then I painted the whole ooze the redish neon paint color and after it dried I painted the raised portions the yellow neon color.  Then I covered all the ooze with a clear gloss craft paint.

Here are some shots of the scene from different angles.

The Cleric attempts to ward off evil while the Wizard divines with his crystal ball, and the Thief and the Fighter look on cautiously.

Here is a close up of the Wizard.  I think he came out pretty good.  I like the peaked-in-the-front hood I gave him, the oversized staff looks cool, and his holding the crystal ball looks pretty cool as well.  He is equipped with a wand and a scroll in his belt, so he is ready for adventure!  It is harder to see in the picture but his hair is tapered forward underneath his hood, giving him good movement.  I forgot to paint his fingers (I'll do that right now) but that is a minor detail for the painting.  Pretty happy with how he turned out.


  1. Typical...I just get a figure done that I'm fairly pleased with and you go and make something more spectacular! LOL I wish I had seen this before I started make the other figure I'm about to paint - a wizard with a blue flame bolt - as I really like the staff you have made yours. I tried to model some actual 'flames' on mine with Green Stuff, but it's very simplistic. Love the pool...I must try out some 'peg' scenery next.

  2. Thanks Stephen! I have to say that the effects produced by the neon paint, like is on the blue part of the staff and the crystal ball, is random. I liked how the blue part on the staff turned out as well because to me anyway it looks like it is “swirling” inside the globe of the staff. Very cool. Unfortunately, the effect is not one I can reliably reproduce. The white undercoat is essential to the effect, but I think what creates the swirling movement is the thickness of the neon paint (blue in this case) as it dries and that effect is simply random, or at least beyond my ability to reliably reproduce.

    Looking forward to seeing your D&D figures! My reaction to them is similar to the one I have to Dale’s figures. For both of you, the precision in your construction and painting technique really makes your figures look fantastic.

  3. Great stuff. I suspect if you wanted a larger boil, something like an upside down light bulb, you could glue a round bead on top of a cylinder.

  4. I hadn’t thought about trying to do a “blog” in action like that, but that’s a good idea.




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